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Meet Izzi; The man behind the label. Izzi and his wife after years in the fashion industry felt there was a gap in the Australian Market for something unique, Colourful, Versatile & most importantly handmade. Using their knowledge of fabrics & styles myizzi was created as a brand to allow the consumer a new & fun product to add to their wardrobe.  
m y i z z i  is a fun – loving fashion label for women of all ages that has been built around our iconic range of bright and colourful printed tees and sweats.
We are a Melbourne brand dedicated to local manufacturing and the use of eco – friendly products wherever possible. We use water based inks to hand screen print each of our unique designs on our garments, so no two pieces are ever identical.
These inks are also sourced from an Australian company.
We now ship to customers all over Australia and are thrilled to be a part of the eco-friendly, fair trade and locally made wing of the Australian fashion industry.

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